Welcome to the portal!  Fitness information is available everywhere in the public domain, but sifting out the good stuff from the junk can be an expensive waste of time. This is especially true with the internet, which is absolutely saturated with pseudoscience and obnoxious marketing. On the other hand, there's the legitimate information in the peer-reviewed scientific literature. The problem is, science can only work on bits and pieces at a time, and the big picture gets lost among the details. Real-world applications of the findings are often missing from the studies. Not to mention, the way they're written works better than sleep narcotics.


As a solution, I've developed a unique educational resource to make learning an engaging and practical experience, without diluting or oversimplifying the data.


Content Overview:  Alan Aragon's Research Review (AARR) is an unbiased monthly critical analysis and application of the latest research pertaining to nutrition, exercise, and supplementation. This journal is designed to help the reader develop a solid understanding of important topics in fitness that are widely misunderstood. Overall, the goal is to provide a unique science & practice-based, multi-topic, bias-free, commercial-free, in-depth, ongoing resource of information.


Enhanced Navigation:  The table of contents provides direct links to each study within the issue. Every section and study is internally bookmarked. This means that you can click on the "bookmarks" tab (vertically positioned near the top left side of the screen) and navigate through the journal effortlessly.


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"There is a glaring deficiency of honest, evidence-based, and un-faddish information available to fitness and nutrition professionals and the public at large. Enter the AARR. Nowhere (and I mean NOWHERE) will you find such a winning combination of cutting edge research interspersed with perspicacious commentary and real-life application. I have yet to see anyone tackle the most controversial, divided and relevant health and performance issues with the same depth, scrutiny and objectivity as Alan... Since subscribing, I feel as though I have armed myself with an untapped dimension of knowledge." - Mike Howard

"Just wanted to say thank you for the AARR. I know you must get comments like this all the time but it's legitimately the best source of information available. Thank you so much. You've impacted me, and thus everyone whom I work with, more than you could possibly imagine." - Jordan Syatt

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