AARR Testimonials

The following are unsolicited opinions about AARR. Unlike the many fake or generic testimonials common to fitness information products, I'll provide a link to the location of each quote.

"I want to do a quick product plug and let readers know about Alan Aragon's Research Review. For those of you who enjoyed/miss the research reviews I used to do as part of this newsletter, Alan is now doing a monthly review of a half-dozen or more studies. He looks at the strengths, weaknesses and application of the studies in addition to looking at older gems and contributing his  own excellent feature content. I did a full review in the blog, but for those who want to stay on the cutting edge of research related to nutrition, fat loss and supplementation, the $10 per month Alan charges is well worth the money."  - Lyle McDonald, Bodyrecomposition Newsletter

"Alan and his research review are a reaffirmation of the strength found in intelligent action. No other man, no other text has so influenced my knowledge base as it relates to the improvement of the human body. His hard work continues to turn the opaque mess of the fitness industry transparent, empowering his readership with the capacity for dramatic, life-changing progress." - Ryan Zielonka, Ryan's blog

"It is evident when someone puts their heart and soul into something. The Alan Aragon Research Review is one such example. I finally decided to give the subscription a shot after months of deliberating. I can honestly say that it is one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. [...] Since subscribing, I feel as though I have armed myself with an untapped dimension of knowledge. [...] Alan has a true gift for breaking down giant swaths of information into a reader-friendly format that is as engaging as it is informative."  - Mike Howard, Core Concepts

"Why does someone need this? If you are a fitness professional, you betrter not think twice. This is the way to get up-to-date and back-catalog information on twhat the actual science and fact of what your job is. If you are going to take networking and podcasting so seriously, you better start taking the science of what you do seriously as well.”  - Leigh Peele, Leigh’s blog

"Alan’s Research Review is one of the most awesome resources on training and diet I have ever found. He puts so much into each review and I am kicking myself for not subscribing months ago."  - JC Deen, JCD Fitness

"Alan writes one of the best research reviews I’ve found—and for a nominal fee breaks down the complicated information in journals that is most pertinent to your training and provides all the information you need to improve your health, life, and training."  - Adam Bornstein, Men's Health

"What you need to do is subscribe to Alan Aragon’s Research Review. [...] That should be the best 10 bucks you’ve spent in a long time. [...] What am I saying? EVERYONE interested in training nutrition, nay, nutrition in general should subscribe to Alan’s Review."  - Eric Troy, Ground Up Strength

"Quite simply, if you're a coach in this field, or even just someone with a distinct interest in nutrition, I feel it's a great resource to have around. Many of us don't have the time (or energy!) to read science all day. With this product, Alan takes care of that for you!"  - Mike Robertson, Wellsphere 

"Make sure to check out Alan Aragon’s Research Review whenever you get the chance. In an industry filled with more misinformation and dogma than you can shake a stick at, Alan’s research review is not only a much needed breath of fresh air, but an absolute necessity in the fight to get the right information into the hands of the masses."  - Roger Lawson II, Rog Law Fitness

"Alan is a no-nonsense guy who takes a very analytical look at the nutrition world. He does a fantastic job separating fact from fiction and really tells you how it is, not necessarily how we want it to be. One of the greatest works I have come across this year."  - Brian St. Pierre, BSP Training

"If you are looking for much more depth, I would highly recommend Alan Aragon's Research Review. It is only 10 clams a month and I make zero money from recommending it, but he does his homework on all of the topics he covers each month."  - Mike T. Nelson, Mike's Blog

"became a subscriber today and I am 100 percent impressed. alan has struck a perfect balance between pleasing the more academically-inclined reader who wants an indepth, peer-reviewed approach, complete with citations to back up his opinions, and a more condensed, cliff-notes version for folks who just want to know the bottom line. I am slowly working my way through the entire series, and I am learning so much! will be emailing alan to see how we purchase an institution subscription for our online medical school library. it is THAT good, and I will now consider it essential reading for students who take my nutrition in medicine elective as fourth year students."  - Wendy Welch, JP Fitness forum post

"Aragon knows his stuff, but is very accessible to just about anyone. Also, let me say that Alan Aragon's research review is made of pure awesome and is completely worth the price." - Attrice's Blog

“Alan is the best nutrition writer in the industry.” – Jamie Hale, Maxcondition